RooFit Function Database

Does anyone know of a database of user defined RooFit functions (or even Root functions, for that matter)? This would be quite a useful thing to have.

Ben Carlson


RooFit already provides several PDF classes, see … Index.html

In addition you can bind and create Roofit PDF classes inheriting from RooAbsPdf or just RooFit functions inheriting from RooAbsReal binding free C functions
(see the RooCFunctionXBinding or RooCFunctionXPdfBinding ) where X=1,2,3,4 depending on the number of function arguments)
or C++ functors.
(see the RooFunctorBinding or RooFunctorPdfBinding classes )

You can find several free statistical functions in MathCore/MathMore
(see … tFunc.html )


thanks for the links. This does cover most functions one would use day to day, but occasionally one might want to use a function that has not been conveniently defined elsewhere. For example, I am currently working with JohnsonSU functions.

I had to define the function in RooFit myself, which as you say is straight forward enough. What I was thinking is that it would be nice if there was a database where users could upload functions they define. Users could then check the database to see if someone else had already defined esoteric function F… Of course there may always be errors in uploaded function, but the users could be responsible and check to make sure the functions uploaded are correct.

Just a thought.

Thanks again.