RooFit: fitTo leaks memory

I am now convinced that RooAddPdf::fitTo leaks memory.
In my analysis I need to do multiple independent fits (in different bins of observable space) So I have few hundred fits.
I need to run pseudoexperiments to check performance and debug the machinery.
I call the fit in a standard way like this:
RooFitResult* r_extravar=0;
Extended(),Minos(kTRUE), PrintLevel(-1));//,Save()) ;
data_binned_extravar[i_extravar][i_bin] is a RooDataHist

sum_extravar[i_extravar][i_bin] is RooAddPdf*

Now if I just comment out the second line (and leave everything the same - pseudodata preparation storing results etc) the memory consumption is stable. If I do run the fit as desired memory blows up by ~20MB/pseudoexperiment which is not sustainableā€¦

I am using root 5.27.04

please helpā€¦