RooFit: fitting a TF1-binded function?


I have a RooAbsReal function which is binded to a TF1 function (like it is done in rf105*.C example). Now I want to fit a RooDataHist object with my this function. How can I do that? I did not find the way to bind parameters of the RooAbsRead function to TF1 parameters. Is it in general possible (without writing my own C++ code, of course)?

Thank you very much in advance,

Hi Alexander,

Oops. I realize I forgot to implement the parameter binding part
for bindTF!. It will fix this a.s.a.p. Once this is done it should work
like the binding of C++ functions (you provide the RooAbsReals
that should be bound to the TFormula parameters in bindFunc()).

Meanwhile you could try to use RooGenericPdf is a RooFit class
based on TFormula which takes C++ string expressions that
are parsed by TFormula. See e.g. tutorial rf103_interprfuncs.C
for an example.