[RooFit] feature request: 1d convolution of 2d model

Dear RooFit developers,
I am asking you to examine my request and probably to provide some tool for the following.
Yes, I’ve read the disclaimer in RooFFTConvPDF description:

[quote] Multi-dimensional convolutions are not supported yet, but will be in the future
as FFTW can calculate them[/quote]
(By the way, FFTW is able to calculate multidimensional transforms, at least for n=3)
What I want to do is to convolve a 2-d model along one axis.
Please see my macro and picture for further explanation.
Now, when I’m making such convolution, roofit is not able to normalize obtained PDF properly (shape along “energy” axis is obviously wrong).
I believe it is making normalization for every slice at different “energy” values. It’s not exactly what I want here.
I would agree that there is a possibility to make a convolution along “time” axis before adding an “energy” component, but sometimes life is more complicated… (as in my case)
Please contact me if something is not clear for you.
interp_prot_2d1.c (3.58 KB)

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