Roofit: convergence depending on number of events

Dear experts,

I’m trying a 4D Unbinned Extended Maximum Likelihood Fit using a toy sample. What I see is that the convergence of the fit changes exactly at 100 events. If my toy ntuple contains 99 events, the fit won’t converge, and I get “MINUIT WARNING IN HESSE ============== Matrix inversion fails.”. If I add one more event, then it works and gives a reasonable result. I would say there’s some parameter causing this behaviour, any idea what may be going on? I could provide the script and a couple of samples if this helps.
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It is possible that adding one extra event make the convergence in the minimisation more stable. I would suggest to start maybe with better initial values for your fit

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Hi Lorenzo,

thanks, indeed, you were right. The ‘weird’ 100 effect was caused by the initial value I was setting (exactly at 100). Sorry for the noise