RooFit Change default integration of RooPlot


I was wondering if there is a way to change the default behavior of RooPlot (which is integration) to show something else such as the mean, median, rms, weghted average etc of a PDF or RooDataSet/Hist?

The problem is that when I build my complex model of this type:
RooGaussian model = RooGaussian("gauss","gaussian PDF", tof, smean, sigma);
with smean being:
RooFormulaVar smean("smean","mean0+amp*exp(-0.5*((nuC - nuRF)/sigmaC)^2)", RooArgList(mean0,nuC,nuRF,amp)) ;
I end up projecting either the model or the data as the integral over nuRF observable.
I am curious if there is an option that can give me a projection which describes the variation of tof (weighted average) with nuRF parameter of the RooFormulaVar.

Hope it is clear.
Best Regards

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