RooFFTConvPdf + RooEffProd evaluation error in ROOT 6.26

Dear all,

I have been struggling to make the following example work in ROOT 6.26/10:

    t = RooRealVar("t", "t", -10., 30.)
    tau = RooRealVar("tau", "tau", 1.54, 0.1, 5.)
    dataSetFile = TFile.Open(dataset)
    tree = dataSetFile.Get('DecayTree')
    histo = TH1D("histo", "histo", 1000, -10., 30.)
    for i in range(0, tree.GetEntries()):

    datahist = RooDataHist("data", "data", RooArgList(t), RooFit.Import(histo))
    acceptance = RooFormulaVar("spline", "spline", "0.3+0.02*t", RooArgList(t))
    resol = RooHistPdf("res", "res", t, datahist)

    true = RooTruthModel("true", "true", t)
    model =  RooDecay("model", "model", t, tau, true, RooDecay.SingleSided)
    modelconv = RooFFTConvPdf("modelConv", "modelConv", t, model, resol)
    modelEff = RooEffProd("modelEff", "modelEff", modelconv, acceptance)
    data = modelEff.generate(RooArgSet(t), 10000)

In ROOT 6.26/10 I get:

[#0] ERROR:Eval -- RooAbsReal::logEvalError(res_fft) evaluation error,
 origin       : RooHistPdf::res_fft[ pdfObs=(t_shifted_FFTBuffer2) ]
 message      : p.d.f normalization integral is zero or negative: 0.000000
 server values: pdfObs=(t_shifted_FFTBuffer2 = -9.05376)

The last ROOT version in which this example works is 6.24/06. I attach both logs in both ROOT versions, the test example and the test input for you.

Thank you in advance!

log_62406.txt (4.9 KB)
log for 6.26/10

The inputs and full example:
test.root (643.3 KB) (1.6 KB)

Hello, thank your very much for providing a reproducer that helped me to understand quickly what is going on!

This is caused by a known issue that is already fixed in ROOT 6.28.00 that was just released, and the upcoming patch release ROOT 6.26.12 will also include the fix.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


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