RooDataSet::tree() in RooFit version 3.00


according to the manual from RooFit version 2.91 it is possible to access the TTree representation through the tree() method. I am using version 3.00 and when I try this I am getting the following error message:

Has the method tree() been removed in the new RooFit version? Is there another way to get the Tree?

Thanks for your help,

Hi Anne,

As mentioned in the ROOT 5.24 release notes, a reorganization of RooFit datasets
has been performed to make the dataset concept more flexible and versatile.
A consequence of this reorganization is that RooFit datasets are not necessarily
based on root TTrees anymore. In 3.00, all concrete implementations still are,
and it is still possible to access the tree.
In short, it comes down to


rather than


The release notes have more detail … tml#roofit