RooChi2Var does not support multiple ranges

Hi how’s it going. I’ve noticed that when fitting data with RooMinimizer() the RooChi2Var() variable does not support multiple ranges. To be more specific, when passing RooFit::Range(“LEFT,RIGHT”) argument to RooChi2Var() the full range is used instead.

Older fitting algorithms, like RooAbsPdf’s fitTo() and chi2FitTo() do work as intended. As far as I understand, RooMinimizer is newer and favorable option to use today. If I am correct, the demonstrated issue should be considered as a bug, not just an improvement.

Here is the link to the Gist that reproduces the issue:

Let me know if I missed something and there is a way to make RooChi2Var() and RooMinimizer() work as intended.

Hello Petr,

Wouter and me briefly looked at the code while at a conference, but we didn’t see obvious mistakes. It will require a bit of time and a debugger to investigate more.

Hi Stephan thanks for your feedback! Do you want me to create an issue in Jira?

I actually did that.

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