RooBlindTools - questions, documentation and examples

Hi, I am using RooUnblindUniform and RooUnblindPrecision to blind some physics parameters I would like to measure. Except for the classes description and few presentations that mention the RooBlindTools, the documentation is poor. Could you please add a couple of examples in your tutorial ?
In particular I have doubts on the possibility to limit the original parameters and the possibility to combine the unblinded ones in a rooformula var.
as an example, I write below the code I am using

RooRealVar *S_Blind = new RooRealVar(“S_Blind” , “S_Blind” , 0.73 , -1., 1.);
RooRealVar *DeltaS_Blind = new RooRealVar(“DeltaS_Blind”, “DeltaS_Blind”, 0.,-1., 1.);
RooRealVar *C_Blind = new RooRealVar(“C_Blind” , “C_Blind” , 0.5,-1.,1.);
RooRealVar *DeltaC_Blind = new RooRealVar(“DeltaC_Blind”, “DeltaC_Blind”, 0.,-1.,1.);

RooUnblindUniform* S=new RooUnblindUniform(“S”, “parSmeanBlind”, “SmeanB02DstD5fb”, 1.0, *S_Blind);
RooUnblindUniform* DeltaS=new RooUnblindUniform(“DeltaS”, “DeltaS_Blind”, “SdeltaB02DstD5fb”, 1.0, *DeltaS_Blind);
RooUnblindUniform* C=new RooUnblindUniform(“C”, “C_Blind”, “CmeanB02DstD5fb”, 1.0, *C_Blind);
RooUnblindUniform* DeltaC=new RooUnblindUniform(“DeltaC”, “DeltaC_Blind”, “CdeltaB02DstD5fb”, 1.0, *DeltaC_Blind);

RooFormulaVar *Sf = new RooFormulaVar(“Sf”,“Sf”,"@0+@1",RooArgList(*S,*DeltaS));
RooFormulaVar *Sfbar = new RooFormulaVar(“Sfbar”,“Sfbar”,"@0-@1",RooArgList(*S,*DeltaS));
RooFormulaVar *Cf = new RooFormulaVar(“Cf”,“Cf”,"@0+@1",RooArgList(*C,*DeltaC));
RooFormulaVar *Cfbar = new RooFormulaVar(“Cfbar”,“Cfbar”,"@0-@1",RooArgList(*C,*DeltaC));

Sf, Sfbar, Cf, Cfbar are then used in a RooBDecay


  1. does it make sense to limit *_blind variables in the physical range?
  2. does RooFormulaVar supports the RooUnblindUniform (it seems so, from the class inheritance, however I would appreciate a confirmation)


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