RooBernstein in python

Dear experts,

I am trying to create a second order Bernstein pdf in my workspace and start with creating RooRealVar, followed by using the factory tool of workspace “w”. " tp_mass " is my variable of choice
Here is the code snippet:

    bern2_p0 = ROOT.RooRealVar("bern2_p0","bern2_p0",0.3,-10,10)
    bern2_p1 = ROOT.RooRealVar("bern2_p1","bern2_p1",0.2,-10,10)
    bern2_p2 = ROOT.RooRealVar("bern2_p2","bern2_p2",0.1,-10,10)

   w.factory( "Bernstein:bkg_bern_pdf(tp_mass,{bern2_p0,bern2_p1,bern2_p2})")

This throws me the error -
ERROR:ObjectHandling – RooFactoryWSTool::createArg() ERROR constructing RooBernstein::bkg_bern_pdf: RooAbsArg named bern2_p0 not found

I was able to create exponential and gaussian pdf’s:

w.factory( "Exponential:bkg_pdf(tp_mass, a[-0.5,-2,-0.2])"  )
w.factory( "Gaussian:sig_pdf(tp_mass, mass[125, 110, 130], sigma[4, 2, 10])")

What is the procedure to create Bernstein pdf’s in python with RooFit?

Thanks in advance,

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