RooAbsTestStatistic: a wrong error message?

Hi all,

I am speaking about the error message that is displayed when you try to fit a dataset with a RooSimultaneous. An example is the following:

[#0] ERROR:Fitting – RooAbsTestStatistic::initSimMode: creating slave calculator #0 for state 0 (25 dataset entries)

I cannot understand which is the problem. I looked inside the code and I saw that it is displayed when a particular test is passed:
if (pdf && dset && (dset->numEntries(kTRUE)!=0. || processEmptyDataSets())) {
coutE(Fitting) << “RooAbsTestStatistic::initSimMode: creating slave calculator #” << n << " for state " << type->GetName() << " (" << dset->numEntries() << " dataset entries)" << endl ;

Is coutE a typo or I misinterpret the content of the message?



That was a typo. It should have been an information message (coutI).
It has been fixed meanwhile.