RooAbsReal validation failed

I’ve been getting a wall of warnings that look like the following:
WARNING:Tracing – RooAbsReal::traceEval(): validation failed:

It happens when I use the generate() or plotOn() methods for a rooabspdf that depends on the variables . All the vars have in common that they are RooLinearVars. I am using them to perform horizontal shifts of pdfs for a rooaddpdf. Previously, I was using RooFormulaVars, and never got this warning.

Performing a fit seems to work fine, so I ignored the warnings at first. But then when I went to generate() toy data, the generated data didn’t look right, so now I’m wondering if it’s related. It’s totally possible that there is no problem with the vars and the pdf, and I just have a problem with how I’m using generate()

Hi Jay,

Perhaps can you post a minimal reproducer of the issue so that someone can help out?


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