Reverse Axis for TGraph and Fit

@couet TGraphPainter has a baked in option for reversing x and y axes. I’m struggling to get TObjects (like my fit, or various lines/boxes) to match the reversed axes.

TGraphErrors *g = new TGraphErrors(n,x,y,ex,ey);
g->Draw("ALP RX");

the above code will produce the TGraph reversed, but the fit with the original axes.

I have a more detailed Macro with data below
Forum_Macro.C (913 Bytes)
EfficiencyResults.root (34.6 KB)

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ROOT Version: 6.18/04
Platform: MacOS v10.15.5
Compiler: Not Provided

Here we are.

usccaa.C (1.3 KB)

Dear all,
what should I do to flip the y-axis in the case of a TGraph2D, please?
I have tried:

TGraph2D gr("potential.txt");
gr.Draw("colz RY");

But the y axis is not flipped
potential.txt (134.5 KB)
potential.pdf (19.2 KB)
I am using ROOT 6.18/04

Many thanks in advance and kind regards,
Marco Bomben

This is not possible for TGraph2D

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