Restrict which categories are used in fit to RooSimultaneous


I have constructed a multi-channel model using a RooSimultaneous. One of the labels in my RooCategory defines my ‘signal region’. I was hoping I would have a way to run a fit to my data where I exclude the signal region from the fit. I tried doing:


where model is the RooSimultaneous and cat is the RooCategory. But I noticed that the data from by other category value (“SR”) is still influencing the results of the fit.

Is the above code not expected to work? And if that is the case, what is the best way to achieve what I want? Is my only option here to create a RooSimultaneous with just the CR1 and CR2 pdfs and fit that to a reduced dataset? I was hoping to avoid this manual reduction of the model and data…



I would re-create a new data set and a new RooSimultaneous class, it should be a rather straightforward operation and less prone to errors


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