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I am running a root macro from another root macro using gROOT->ProcessLine(".L myControlPlots.C+");. Again I have to run the same after updating a weight inside same macro. So, one easy way is to write a bash script and run using it.

But, I am trying to modify the macro inside my root macro uisng system("sed ...... "). And when I run the macro again in same macro, then its giving me error saying variables are re-defined. You can see my macro below.

Is there any way that before loading a macro I completely reset the privious loaded information?

Thanks in advance for help.

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#include "controlplotvars_CHS_jes_up.h"
#include "controlplotvars_CHS_jes_dn.h"

void RunMacro_Limits()
     gROOT->ProcessLine(".L myControlPlots.C+");
     gROOT->ProcessLine("myControlPlots(\"DibosonBoostedElMuCuts13TeV_SignalRegion_CHS.txt\", \"DibosonBoostedElMuSamples13TeV.txt\", commonplotvars_chs , \"Nominal.root\" , 0 , \"RECREATE\" , 1) ");

    system("sed 's/pu_Weight/pu_Weight_up/g' myControlPlots.C > myControlPlots_temp_up.C");
    system("sed -i 's/myControlPlots/myControlPlots_temp_up/g' myControlPlots_temp_up.C");
    gROOT->ProcessLine(".L myControlPlots_temp_up.C+");
    gROOT->ProcessLine("myControlPlots_temp_up(\"DibosonBoostedElMuCuts13TeV_SignalRegion_CHS.txt\", \"DibosonBoostedElMuSamples13TeV_pu_up.txt\", commonplotvars_chs , \"Nominal.root\" , 0 , \"UPDATE\" , 0) ");
    system("rm myControlPlots_temp_up.C");

    system("sed 's/pu_Weight/pu_Weight_down/g' myControlPlots.C > myControlPlots_temp_dn.C");
    system("sed -i 's/myControlPlots/myControlPlots_temp_dn/g' myControlPlots_temp_dn.C");
    gROOT->ProcessLine(".L myControlPlots_temp_dn.C+");
    gROOT->ProcessLine("myControlPlots_temp_dn(\"DibosonBoostedElMuCuts13TeV_SignalRegion_CHS.txt\", \"DibosonBoostedElMuSamples13TeV_pu_dn.txt\", commonplotvars_chs , \"Nominal.root\" , 0 , \"UPDATE\" , 0) ");
    system("rm myControlPlots_temp_dn.C");

Instead of doing this trick with sed why don’t you pass a parameter to the macro ?

Dear Couet,

Thanks for response.

I did that way.

Actually, I was just playing by using the shell script inside the root macro and I faced this. So, just for my knowledge I asked this.

with regards,

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