Replotting one pad out of many on the same canvas

Hello Everyone,

In an online monitoring program (ROME/ARGUS) I have taken a canvas (let me call this c1) and am then plotting a histogram on it

Now I have implemented a button on this main canvas c1 which calls a function which generates a time date stamp and prints the canvas.

I am now planning to divide c1 via c1->Divide(n, m) and plot a different histogram in each of the n x m slots (pads?) via c1->cd(i) h_i -> Draw() where h_i represents the ith histogram.

I would like to be able to use the button (which is connected to the function I describe above) and have the following options
a) Print the main canvas to a file as I do currently
b) Be able to on the same canvas (since this contains the button and any spawned canvas won’t) bring up any of the n x m histograms and utilize the button to print this to file

I can imagine that a) is done exactly as I am doing now - but am not sure how one can do b) and even better would be to do b) and revert to the previous configuration.

Hope I am making sense,
Farrukh Azfar

I am not sure I fully understand what you want here…

I understand the button is displayed on the canvas you want to print ?
May be you should create an separated canvas for the button ?