Replicating Geometry in 2D

Hello everyone,
I am trying to view my detector geometry in 2D using the TPolyline Class as follows:

Double_t x1[7]={86.244e-4,96.244e-4,86.244e-4,35.0e-4,25.0e-4,35.0e-4,86.244e-4};
Double_t y1[7]={0.0,0025.0e-4,0050.0e-4,0050.0e-4,0025.0e-4,0.0,0.0};
TPolyLine* geom=new TPolyLine(7,x1,y1);

Is there someway I can replicate this polygon geometry multiple times along the X axis, translating it each time by some distance (let’s say 100.0e-4)?
I have the X,Y and Z coordinates of my particle tracks from an event stored in a tree and I wish to visualise the tracks along with the geometry in 2D.

_ROOT Version:v6.16/00-
_Platform: Ubuntu 14.04
_Compiler: GCC v4.8

There is no predefined function allowing to apply a translation on an existing TPolyline. But that’s simple to implement in a small C++ macro.

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Thank you for clarifying. I guess I will have to use a macro.
Sincerely, Aritra

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