Renaming ROOT function

Hi guys.

I have renamed the ROOT function

RooAbsGenContext* autoGenContext


RooAbsGenContext* autoGenContextual

in both the source code and the header file in my project source directory. But instead of the compiler calling autoGenContextual from my source code, it calls autoGenContext from the ROOT library. Is there any reason why this might be happening. It’s really confusing.


I don’t see what you are trying to do, I guess you left out a lot of information.
If you see that autoGenContext() is somehow running, that’s because somebody called it. If you rename a function of a class but you don’t change call instruction, it will always call the function.

“Call instruction” meaning the parameters inside the function?

A call instruction is this:

If somebody uses this (in your code or in RooFit), this function will obviously be called.

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