Remove TLatex from TGraph


I used this method to add a TLatex to a TGraph TGraph Point Label

How may I remove it?

Thank you

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Right click on it and delete it.

Thank you for your reply.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, I mean once it’s added if I further need to remove it using C++ code.

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Do you have the TLatex Definition in your code?

I have something like this:

TLatex* tlatex = new TLatex(x, y, "label");

remove those lines?

The thing is I need to display the TGraph with the label and further without… I can indeed recreate the TGraph without, but I thought there was a “simple” way to simply remove the label.

GetListOfFunctions returns a TList. Use the Remove method of TList.

OK thank you I found a way to do it using:


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