Remove some labels from a TGaxis

Is it possible remove some labels from a TGaxis.
I would like to remove the overlapped labels but let there the ticks.

	TF1 *f2=new TF1("f2","0.662*0.511/(0.511+0.662*(1-cos(x*TMath::Pi()/180)))", 0, 180);
	TGaxis *A2 = new TGaxis(outcoming_gamma_energy(0.662),-1500,0.662,-1500,"f2",8, "+", 0);
	A2->SetTitle("angle #circ ");

I have at the moment

I would have axis like the following one. (This is just modify by GIMP :stuck_out_tongue: )

Any ideas?

Tack så mycket!

There no real way to control the labels is case of axis define with a function.
You can try to change the size of the labels…
The number of division (but this should not help …).
longer axis should help too…