Regarding the installation of Root

Can root be used in linux setup in a virtual machine? if yes then what should be the configuration of virtual box and if not how much space I should give to the linux in dual-boot mode ? (P.S.- I did try to run root on the oracle VM but it was not working properly)

ROOT Version: 6.26/
Platform: Ubuntu 22
Compiler: Not Provided

may be @bellenot has an idea about it.

Thank you for your reply

Sure it can run in a VM. As far as ROOT or any application is concerned, it will be running inside a Linux like any other, so inside your virtual machine you have to do the same as in a ‘normal’ Linux: install prerequisites, use the ROOT appropriate for your Linux if precompiled, or compile ROOT also as appropriate.
The storage size you want, either VM or dual-boot, depends on what linux distro you use and how much space you will use with other software, data, etc. I have recently installed Xubuntu, Mint and Manjaro (all XFCE, for lower resource use) on VMs, each with a 25 GB dive allocation, and after installing the OS the free space in all of them is around 13 GB each, so they used around 10-12 GB; you can start with that as a guide, or look at lighter distros.
On a 6-CPU, 8 GB RAM laptop, I give each VM 4 CPUs and 6 GB of RAM, and only run 1 at a time (although it’s possible to run more, using your host swap file) and they run fine; but note that I don’t use these VMs for ROOT, so your mileage may vary.
For working with ROOT, I dual-boot to have all CPU, RAM, etc resources and a lot more storage space, and also use WLS on Windows (uses about 2-3 GB) for simple things on ROOT so I don’t have to reboot all the time.
By “Oracle VM” I suppose you mean Oracle VirtualBox. For this, you should also install the “Guest Additions CD” inside the virtual machine (mainly useful for screen resolution and size), as per the VirtualBox User Manual, or search onine. Also, with VirtualBox you can create the virtual machines without a fixed drive size, so it can grow as needed --I haven’t done that, so I don’t know how Linux will see it when you are installing it inside the VM.

Hello Sir, I ran root on a VM and i am getting errors while using it such as when i try to plot the canvas doesn’t shows up but a terrible version of canvas comes as shown in the picture. moreover whenever i open demo function also the black screen apears on a 8 gb ram with 8 cpus i gave the VM 6 Gb ran and 6 cpus. I have an acquaintance on linked in who sent me txt file of code just to run in the terminal in order to install Ubuntu and it works proper in his laptop. It will be a big help if you will just send me the txt file which i can copy paste and run in the terminal so that