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I am using the sPlot technque to ultimately plot dEdx vs P(momentum) distribution of proton using a sample oof Lambda->proton + pion.Now initially I see that if I just leave the distribution as it is, it is not that good. But If I apply a small cut on the proton momentum, I get a much cleaner distribution .

So I thought, to add this variable so that I don’t have to apply any cuts after the sweights are calculated (to have all the cuts in one place). Now, funnily enough I see a tiny contamination that wasnt there before.

My question is since we are calculating dEdx vs P , and also applying a cut on momentum (the x - axis), is it wise to apply the cut before the sWeights are calculated or after the sWeights. Would cutting it before the sWeights introduce some bias?

(Proton cut applied first and then sWeights)

(sWeights first and then proton cut )

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Interesting question! Maybe @jonas or @moneta can help you.


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