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Hi rooters.

Hope so you all are well. I want to recreate root files which i am getting from eos ( root:// so now problem is that it create some of root files ,not all. i try it many times but could not get all root files . what modification i make or any suggestion ? Macro is attached (12.7 KB)
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To execute your macro one needs to specify the input parameter. What should it be ?

i could not understand What do you mean by the input parameters? All parameters are declared in the macro .
The very first line show the path from where i get the root files.

oops you are right … looked to fast…
anyway running you macro we get:

root [0] 
Error in <TFile::TFile>: file /eos/cms/store/user/aahmad/Jul12/data/data/1fab0e5/Data13TeV_DoubleEG_2016B/MergedMiniEvents_0.root does not exist

the root file exist in this path .i send you the screen shot. i don’t no why it give you this error . but when i run my macro it completely run but some of output files are not create.

The file creation in your macro is done by the line:

   TFile *ff = new TFile("DoubleEG_2016B"+abc+".root","RECREATE");

May be for some case the logic of your function chaal does not trigger the file creation ?
You need to debug it and check why a particular you identified is not created.

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