Rebuild updated git sources with cmake

I succeeded in compiling ROOT6 with cmake the other week from a clone of the trunk.
I did:

cd $SOURCE_DIR/root
git clone trunk
mkdir v6-trunk
cd trunk
mkdir CMAKEworkdir
cd CMAKEworkdir
make -j 4
make install
source $SOURCE_DIR/root/v6-trunk/bin/thisroot.csh

and now I have a working install of ROOT6.

Now I would like to recompile the updated trunk after doing

cd $SOURCE_DIR/root/trunk
git pull

My question is: do I have to redo all the cmake steps above (i.e. delete the cmake working directory and
create a new one), or I do I just do

cd CMAKEworkdir
make -j 4
make install


Hello John,

cd CMAKEworkdir
make -j 4
make install

is enough.


Well, in my experience @dpiparo is 90% right. Sometimes the make can fail. In that case, it is usually sufficient to rm -r the corresponding directory. For example if some file from the “whatever” directory doesn’t compile or link, then rm -r CMAKEworkdir/whatever and running make again will fix it. (you might want to start removing a subdirectory first)

Edit: this is 3 years later? Why did this topic show up on top in the forum?!

I was making a research on the cmake options and saw that one answer was wrongly formatted. I reformatted it to ease the future reading. No answer was required.