Real-time Fit Panel x^2/ndf?

When you have performed a fit from a macro it shows in your canvas, on top of you histogram.
A chi-squared/ndf value is calculated among others…

If you use the fit-panel you can edit the fit curve and so the other values that show up in the fit pave text change, except for the x^2/ndf value. It gets stuck into the original value. It does not change in real time as you edit the fit curve. :exclamation:

Any explanation or workaround?



The values shown in the fit pave text are the results of the fit and they do not change if you change the function parameters using the fit panel. This refers to both the fitted parameters and also the chi-square.
Maybe it could be useful to have a running chi-square which changes as you change the function, but this is not implemented yet.
If you think is useful we could maybe add this as an extra value printed in the SetParameter dialog of the fit panel

Best Regards


Since a good fitting is not always possible through coding from the begging, I suggest it would be good if all these Fit-Stats could be changing through fit panel, so please add-it!

Thankyou Lorenzo