Reading RooDataHist into workspace file

Dear experts,
I have a workspace that has dataset in the format - RooDataHist. In first step, I would like to read it and the second step, I want convert RooDataHist to RooDataSet. Is it some way to make it?

Thanks in advance,
Sandro Fonseca

See $ROOTSYS/tutorials/roofit/*
Maybe something like:

      TFile* f = new TFile("rf903_numintcache.root") ;
      RooWorkspace *w; f->GetObject("w",w);
      if (!w) return some_error_code;
      RooDataHist* hhcache = dynamic_cast<RooDataHist*> ( w1->expensiveObjectCache().getObj( uniqueIdOfDataHist ) );

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