Reading from http very slow

Reading directly a ROOT file from https is very slow, comparing to downloading it and using it locally.
As test I am doing a very simple plot


If I open the file from https directly, e.g. with

root -l

making the plots takes ~5 minutes (the ntuple is very small, 60k events).
On the contrary, if I download it it takes ~0s to make the plot. To download it with wget it take 0.6s (4.5MB)

root -l test_ntuples_200123.root 

ROOT Version: 6.26/10
Platform: Linux fedora 6.0.18-300.fc37.x86_64
Compiler: gcc 12.2.1

Reading a ROOT file directly from a HTTPS connection can be slow because the data must be transferred over the network before it can be processed. This can add significant overhead and latency, particularly for large files. When you download the file locally, the data is already on your machine and can be processed much faster.

@couet This “test” file is just 4.5 MB long.

May be @pcanal has some ideas about it.