Random seed in BDT

Is the random seed in BDT fixed or free by default?
How can we set its value? (The manual doesn’t seem to point to a related variable.)

I think @moneta can help you.

Bumping up. I think I won’t be original if I say that this is a crucial aspect.

The random seed used in the BDT is by default 0, which means a different seed depending on time, machine, etc… is used every time.
I don’t think exist an option to set it manually, you will have to change the hard-coded values in DecisionTree.cxx:88


Thank you for the answer!

…Although it sounds pretty bad that the seed cannot be fixed for experimentation… :woozy_face:

That being said, I’m now watching results repeating themselves exactly, when I run the same code more than once.

Which options are you using when booking the BDT method ?