Quote escape when saving .C

Dear expert,

it seems that TCanvas::SaveAs is not properly excaping “quotes” when saving in .C format.

TCanvas c1
TH1F h("name", "\"title\"", 10, 0, 1)

when executing the code, I get

Error: String literal syntax error c1.C:12:

in fact the quotes are not exaped:

TH1F *name = new TH1F("name",""title"",10,0,1); .

I agree this situation is very uncommon: unless you use RooFit. In fact by the default it sets the title of plots as Rootplot of “variable”.

Yes I see that. Will look at it.

Fixed. Thanks for reporting.

Thank you very much. Is it in the trunk? Will it be present in the next tag?

in the trunk and in 5.34.patches.