Questions on TMathText

Dear all,

I’d need a few clarifications about the TMathText class.

  • is it intended to replace TLatex at some point in the future ? or will there always be those two closely related classes ?

  • is there a way to control the font used by TMathText ?

  • do I understand correctly that one should not “mix” TLatex and TMathText in the same plot ?

  • do I understand correctly that the TMathText PDF output is not yet completely finished/functional ? e.g. the following macro is correctly giving a curly letter in PS but nothing in PDF (root 6.08.00 centos7)

TCanvas *c1 = new TCanvas("c1");
TMathText l;
return c1;
  • is there a TLatex-only way of doing curly letters (the TMathText equivalent of \mathscr{A})


No. As its name says, TMathText is meant to render Math formulae “à la LaTex”.
What you get when you enclose text with $$ in Latex.

No there is no. Like in in the Math mode in LaTeX

In the same plot you can have text rendered with TLatex et math formulae rendered with TMathText

You are right, The author of TMathText has not implemented it for PDF. He recently came back with some implementation but it broke some other part of the code. Hopefully he will come with some working code.

No, TLatex implements only a subset of LaTex

Note also: