Questions about the TrimSignal.c

In the code below, the double ec is defined, but the ec is not used in the later procedure

 // Simulate an ion track.
  tr.NewTrack(0., 0., 0., 0., 0., 1., 0.);
  // Loop over the clusters.
  double xc, yc, zc, tc, ec, ekin;
  int ne = 0;
  while (tr.GetCluster(xc, yc, zc, tc, ne, ec, ekin)) {
    // Simulate electron and ion drift lines starting 
    // from the cluster position. 
    // Scale the induced current by the number of electron/ion pairs 
    // in the cluster.
    drift.DriftElectron(xc, yc, zc, tc);
    drift.DriftHole(xc, yc, zc, tc);

I think @hschindl can help you.

Thanks a lot ~~

Yes, the function also returns the energy deposit in the cluster (ec) but that information is not used in this particular example.

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Ah, I know , Thanks a lot for your reply.

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