Question: How to set defaut options on all root sessions

Hi there,

Does anyone knows if there is a possibility to set a few options automatically in any root session?
For example:

  • I would like to always draw Ticks on X and Y as a default option. Without needing to use “gPad->SetTicks(1,1)” command.

  • Or (this would be very good) the TGraph option SetEditable marked as kFALSE as default. (I don’t understand why this is not the default already).

Thanks in advance

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_ROOT Version: 6.20/00
Platform: Ubuntu 18.04
_Compiler: gcc 7.5.0 (I believe)

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Thank you very much! This is exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:
The rootlogon.C and the .rootrc works just fine.

But I cannot see a way to automatically set TGraph as not editable :frowning:


I dug into TGraph’s code and it seems impossible. You can always inherent from TGraph and set it there your selves. But otherwise there seems no way.

TGraph::SetEditable is an option to be set on individual TGraphs not a global one for all the TGraphs

Thanks @marty1885 and @couet for your replies.