Question: AvalancheMC class seems not available to simulate Avalanche breakdown

As everyone know, we have silicon example at garfield example

In order to check whether Avalanche MC class can describe avalanche multiplication, I changed voltage parameter to tremendous value to make field strong enough to make breakdown but there were no enough gain at system

I checked that when i use DriftLineRKF class, system goes under breakdown at same voltage but not at AvalancheMC class.

Can someone answer this question? I am new user so system didn’t permit to attach code but it will be enough just fix random seed and change voltage value at garfield silicon example to 100000V.

With Class Avalanche MC, even though i give high voltage, Avalanche MC didn’t show breakdown

How can i solve this problem?

Thanks for your answer

I guess @hschindl can help you.

you are referring to this example, right? In addition to increasing the bias voltage, you will also need to replace the line

drift.DriftElectron(xe, ye, ze, te);


drift.AvalancheElectron(xe, ye, ze, te);

The function DriftElectron simulates the drift line of a single electron, but not the secondaries produced in the avalanche.

Ah i noticed difference now. Thanks for your reply

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