Question about using jupyter notebook with CMSSW

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ROOT Version: 6.24/07
Platform: linux? I am on a T3 cluster.
Compiler: What is this?

Hi, I am using Jupyter notebook a T3 cluster with CMSSW 12_4_11_pathch3. I change the python kernel to python3 but it doesn’t work. The output of “!python --version” is python 2.7.5 . Is there anyone know how to change the python kernel correctly?

May be @vpadulan can help.

Hi @Colin_Chan ,

This is not really a question for the ROOT forum, it has nothing to do with this project. You really haven’t told us anything about your setup, plus I am not sure how and if CMSSW supports different versions of Python as Jupyter kernels.

If I had to take a wild guess, based on your short description, one thing I would try is

$: python3 -m notebook

And see if this starts a Jupyter notebook with the version you prefer.

In general, for this type of issues, you should contact your cluster administrator, or google: start jupyter with a specific python version