Question about sub volumes

Hello everyone,

I am using Root since a few weeks now. I was wondering how to handle sub-volumes created after a Divide.
I have a cylinder :
TGeoVolume *cyl = geom → MakeTube(…);

I cut it into two rings (along R axis) :
TGeoVolume *cylR = cyl->Divide(“CylR”, 1 , 2 , 0, cyl_radius/2);

The problem is that i want to only cut the outer ring in several angular sectors (along PHI axis) and left the inner ring intact and uncut. The issue is that i have no clue to get the volume corresponding to the outer slice “…/cyl/cylR_2” and perform the second divide on it.

I hope my question is clear. Thanks for your help !

I guess @agheata can help you.

Ok :slight_smile:

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