Question about SamplingDistPlot


I would like to plot test statistic distribution, after an hypothesis test, but I am a bit confused.

In principle, I thought I could use SamplingDistPlot class, asking for SamplingDistribution(s) from HypoTestResult. In alternative, I could access by myself to the unbinned value, using GetSamplingDistribution().
However, I get two different plots in the two cases.

In particular, in the second case I find something coherent with RooStats numerical results, but not in the first one.
Is it expected?

SampDistPlot_Null_Test.pdf (15.5 KB)
UnbinnedNull_Test.pdf (15.8 KB)


I have found the issue, it’s just a matter of axis scale.
In SamplingDistPlots the logarithmic Y scale is not always properly by default and some entries might be hidden.
Thanks and sorry for the troubles.



HI ,
I am not sure I have understood how you solved the problem. Is there something to fix in the code ?