Question about closure test in simple fitting

Dear RooFit experts,

I am trying to use RooFit to fit some histogram with p.d.f created using RooHistPdf, but am getting some problems understanding the results. I observe what seems to me a discrepancy between what is plotted and the fit result. I’m doing a closure test, by fitting to the same histogram from which the p.d.f is derived. For simplicity, I consider only 2 bins.

When I plot the p.d.f over the data points, I see perfect agreement. But when the fit results are slightly off by the true value. In my test, the true value is 18.5233 while the fit result is 18.0113.

So I wonder which is correct? The fit result or the plot?
I would be very grateful if you can help me to understand this discrepancy.

The plot I am referring to is shown below in the attachement (closure.gif).
The macro and the root file I am using are also attached.

Thank you very much.

Best wishes
Teh Lee

ps: I am using ROOT 5.22.00 and RooFit v2.95.

// 23-11-09  
// Fit to all (s+b): Plan B
// - Use control sample as template.
// - Then fit to signal region
// closure test: take signal region template and fit it back
#include <iomanip>
using namespace RooFit;

void fit_closure(){

  double fit_from = 0;
  double fit_upto = 0.2;

  TFile f("test.root");

  TCanvas c0("c0","fit control region",2*550,1*550);
  const double tiny = 1e-6;

  ///  Get template from control sample

  TH1F *h = (TH1F*)f.Get("QCD_estimation/QCDest_CombRelIso_4mj__QCD");

  TH1F *control = h->Clone();

  double ntrue = control->Integral(1,2);
  cout << "sum of bin 1 and 2 = " << ntrue << endl;

  control->GetXaxis()->SetRangeUser( 0, 0.2-tiny );
  control->DrawCopy("h text0");

  // create HistPdf
  RooRealVar reliso("reliso","reliso", 0, fit_upto);
  RooDataHist rh_qcd("rh_qcd","qcd", reliso, control);

  cout << "integral ori histo qcd = " << control->Integral() << endl;

  RooHistPdf pdf_qcd( "pdf_qcd", "QCD pdf ", reliso, rh_qcd, 0);

  // create model
  RooRealVar nqcd("nqcd", "number of QCD events", 0, 100.0, "event");
  RooAddPdf model("model","model", pdf_qcd, nqcd);

  ///  Fit signal sample: "all"

  // Make a copy of the original histogram to fit
  TH1F *all = (TH1F*)h->Clone();

  // Prepare data in *fit range*
  RooDataHist data("data","data in signal sample",reliso, all);

  model.fitTo( data, Range( fit_from, fit_upto ) );


  RooPlot *isoframe = reliso.frame();
  data.plotOn(isoframe, DataError(RooAbsData::SumW2), LineWidth(1));
  model.plotOn(isoframe, LineColor(kRed), LineWidth(1));;

  c0.SaveAs( "closure.gif" );

The results of the fit are shown below:

fit_closure.C (2.08 KB)
test.root (4.82 KB)


I need to have a look at this. I’ll get back to you shortly.
(Meanwhile you might want to have a look at a more recent
ROOT/RooFit version, as many things have been improved
and fixed in RooHistPdf since 5.20.)


Hi Wouter,

Thanks for looking into this. Since my first posting I have learn a bit more.

In particular now I understand why the plot didn’t agree with the fit results. The answer is that the way I had plotted the model, by default the model is normalized to the last-drawn data-points. Hence the perfect agreement in the right hand plot shown in my first posting.

What I should have done is normalizing it to the fitted number (nfit):

               Normalization(nfit, RooAbsReal::NumEvent)

However, a problem remains. I have tried a simplified closure test by using a 2-bin histograms, and varying the bin entries to see how the fit results change. For example, I set bin 1 and bin 2 to (1.0,2.0) respectively. The integral is 3.0 (true value) and fitting it with the the p.d.f derived from itself gives the correct answer of 3.0.

However when I set (bin 1,2) to (1,1.99), I get nfit of 2.0 while the true value is 2.99. I would have expected that since RooFit should rounds up bin 2 to 2.0 and the fit should returns 3.0. I wonder if this may be indication of bug? Or something else?

Curiosly, when I set (bin 1,2) to (1.01,1.99) I get nfit of 3.0 as I’d expect.

I’ve tried my code using the latest ROOT 5.25.04 and get the same results.

The root macro I am using is attached.
fit_closure_3.C (6.99 KB)
fit_closure_3.C (6.99 KB)