QtRoot Installation


I am attempting to develop GUI using Qt + Root, however I have not been able to find a consistent way to get Qt and Root integrated to one another. I am using Mac OSX (10.10.3) and have attempting to follow the step-by-step instructions at [1], where I have fixed the download steps since many of the links are outdated, but it exits without warning after it has downloaded everything and begins to compile.

Is there a better method? I have root 5.34 as well as Qt5.4 installed on my machine. And in my root includes I indeed see the Qt-related classes such as TQtWidget.h, but when I attempt to run example Qt applications I get errors from obsolete Qt class declarations and includes inside of the Qt-related ROOT includes, such as:

#include <QtGui/QtWidgets>

or the use of “Qt::Wflags”

As I have been unable to find a clear method to saying how to install Root and Qt (hopefully in their own install directories so they do not interfere with my current installations) I am a bit stuck in the mud.


[1] root.bnl.gov/QtRoot/How2Install4Unix.html

root.cern.ch/how/how-embed-tcan … plications

ROOT’s QtRoot does not support Qt5, see