Pyroot error: No module named ROOT


I’m trying to use ROOT in python locally on a linux machine.
When I try to import ROOT in a python script, I get: No module named ROOT

Is there a way to check which python version I need to have pyroot working?

Hi Wile, thanks a lot! if I match both versions, do I need to compile anything before trying “import ROOT”?

Hello, this is Gulshan Negi
Well, I searched about it on the internet, and I found that you do not need to compile anything before trying to import the ROOT module in Python. However, ROOT must be installed correctly on your system, which may necessitate a compilation step during installation.

Dear all,

ROOT can be installed in various ways on your machine, see Installing ROOT - ROOT.
For the easiest Python installation, use conda, even better with mamba as suggested in another forum post. No need to compile anything on your own.