Putting legend for a histogram

I want to put legend in macro and to give different colors to the different distributions. I did like
TH1F *mylegend = new TLegend(.7,.75,.89,.89);
Also please suggest me about colors.

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TH1F *mylegend = new TLegend(.7,.75,.89,.89);

That’s really weird …

Sorry if I miss understood I wrote exactly like that as you wrote.

For every ROOT class that you want to use, you need an appropriate #include statement, e.g.:

#include "TLegend.h"
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That’s my point, I quoted your code. You define a pointer to a TH1F and you assign it to a new TLegend … I guess you mean:

TLegend *mylegend = new TLegend(.7,.75,.89,.89);
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