Proxy for RooAbsPdf

Hi, I would like to reference one RooAbsPdf from within a derived class. For RooRealVar references, I use RooRealProxy. Is there an equivalent for a RooAbsPdf?

Further details:
I have two classes A and B which inherit from RooAbsPdf. Class B has a special function called B::Special() Class A would like to store a pointer to class B and call B::Special(). The best way to do this is with a RooXXXProxy. I have tried using RooRealProxy and RooListProxy but neither of these seem to allow me to access B::Special(). How should I do this?


I think this has been solved by using RooRealProxy::absArg(), and casting the return as class B.

B* tmp      = (B*)_rooRealProxyObj.absArg();
_value      = tmp->Special();

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