Proper use of gStyle::SetBorderSize

Dear ROOT users,

I am in need of guidance in how to use the SetBorderSize function properly. In my rootlogon file I start out with setting the style to “Plain” and then requesting gStyle->SetBorderSize(0), see rootlogon.C attachment. When saving the canvas to ps/eps/pdf there is still a border around the title of the histogram but for png it is not. If instead of “Plain” I go with the “Default” style, the border is gone in ps/eps/pdf as well – see TitleBorder.cpp attachment.

Could someone please explain to me why this is happening or if I am doing something wrong? Right now I always need to find the “title” object and set the border color to white in order for it not to be visible – I was hoping to use the rootlogon file to not have to do this though.

TitleBorder.cpp (563 Bytes)
rootlogon.C (1.75 KB)

with Plain or not i see the border in the ps.
I am looking.

How does the looking go? :slight_smile:

No progress yet… some other matters showed up …

No worries, it isn’t a major issue. I will post a reminder once in a while if that is okay :wink:

remove gStyle->SetTitleStyle(2); from rootlogon.C

Thank you and sorry for not realizing this on my own :blush: