Projecting TH2D histograms onto a 3D object


I’m closing in on finishing my the ROOT script for my master’s thesis and there is one last, probably rather ambitious, plot I want to create.
I am simulating a cube-shaped scintillator in Geant4 and store geometrical data of the scintillation photons emitted from the cube’s sides.

Currently, I am using TH2D histograms to plot the photon density of each side of the cube separately.
The problem is, that it’s hard to imagine where the scintillation happened inside the scintillator from 6 separate TH2D plots, so i wanted to ask, if there is a possibility to “paint” the sides of a box object (corresponding to the scintillation cube) with TH2D histograms.
I couldnt find anything with google, but I saw that ROOT can produce of objects in a 3D environment. Can somebody point me in the right direction where to find any kind of tutorial for something like that?
Is it maybe possible to move and rotate a TH2D plot inside it’s pad to arrange the plots as needed?

Thanks a lot for any tips!

Badger … l__gl.html