Problems with v6.30.06 binary for Ubuntu 22.04

I have just downloaded and extracted the binary root_v6.30.06.Linux-ubuntu22.04-x86_64-gcc11.4.tar.gz.

When I open ROOT, I get the following warning/error message:

cling::DynamicLibraryManager::loadLibrary(): cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I am unable to do basic things like open TBrowser.


Thanks for the post. I am sorry you are experiencing this issue.
Have you installed the tbb package on your system?


Hi @Danilo, I think this is a ‘bug’ in the ROOT web documentation.
See Update Ubuntu/Debian optional packages install command by pitkajuh · Pull Request #988 · root-project/web · GitHub

It should be added to the required dependencies. See also Built-in libraries of 6.30.06 - #4 by Wile_E_Coyote

@claytoniousfunk just do: sudo apt install libtbb-dev

that indeed fixed it.

Thanks much

Please add libtbb-dev to dependancies at Dependencies - ROOT
It is a new dependancy/requirement with ROOT v6.30.something and documentation should be updated to reflect that. Thanks in advance. K.O.

@Danilo fyi this PR awaiting review includes what @dd1 suggests: Update Ubuntu/Debian optional packages install command by pitkajuh · Pull Request #988 · root-project/web · GitHub

On the long run, it might make more sense to move the dependencies to the release webpage because now we only state the last dependencies for Latest Stable, so people downloading an earlier release might install stuff that is not needed.
Maybe an idea could be to link instead to the rootci docker images script of each release, where people can read what apt installs are required.

I once proposed adding “${ROOTSYS}/MANIFEST.TXT” files.

BTW. There’s also my “${ROOTSYS}/compile_flags.txt” proposal.

Yep, a MANIFEST file would be also a very good idea.

But there should be a build-MANIFEST and a binary-MANIFEST, as the dependencies are different if you build from source and if you download the binary.

The build-MANIFEST could be just a link to root-ci-images/ubuntu2404/packages.txt at main · root-project/root-ci-images · GitHub
But this file should be branch-specific and contain OS-specific links.

The same for the website, a link would avoid having to update things in two places.

Related: Install prerequisites need to distinguish "binary" vs "build" · Issue #52 · root-project/web · GitHub