Add "${ROOTSYS}/compile_flags.txt" files to "official" ROOT binary releases

I’ve recently started to play with adding Language Server Protocol (LSP) support to my editor.
For C++ code, I am trying to use the clangd language server.

It turns out that there are problems with ROOT binary releases.
One gets various errors in form, e.g.:

#include "TRandom.h" In included file: 'ROOT/RConfig.hxx' file not found with <angled> include; use "quotes" instead

#include <ROOT/RConfig.hxx> In included file: 'RConfigure.h' file not found

It seems I have found a simple fix (for binary releases), shown below.
One needs to create a simple “${ROOTSYS}/compile_flags.txt” file.
Could you, please, add the procedure which automatically creates appropriate “${ROOTSYS}/compile_flags.txt” files into your procedure that creates the “official” ROOT binary releases (note: this file should not be made if there exists a “${ROOTSYS}/compile_commands.json” file).

#!/usr/bin/env bash
if [ -n "${ROOTSYS}" ] ; then
    if [ ! -e "${COMPILE_COMMANDS}" -a ! -e "${COMPILE_FLAGS}" ] ; then
        echo "--language=c++" > "${COMPILE_FLAGS}"
        echo "$(root-config --auxcflags)" | sed 's/ /\n/g' >> "${COMPILE_FLAGS}"
        echo "-Iinclude" >> "${COMPILE_FLAGS}"
        touch -h -r "${ROOTSYS}/bin" "${COMPILE_FLAGS}" "${ROOTSYS}"

Note that one may need to remove some flags, which the “root-config --auxcflags” call returned, that are not valid “Clang command line arguments”.

Hello @Wile_E_Coyote ,
thank you for the suggestion, feel free to open a feature request at Sign in to GitHub · GitHub if you want this to be tracked.

CC: @Axel


Interesting idea. QtCreator C++ LSP (Using Language Servers | Qt Creator Manual) will also be based on clangd soon Qt Creator and clangd: An Introduction so it would be a nice feature for it, too. See other integration options in Coding in ROOT with the horsepower of an F1 - ROOT

Maybe it’s better to have the JSON variant, as it can be enabled by just adding one flag to CMake when building


The “compile_commands.json” file will only work if you build ROOT yourself and you keep the “source” and “build” directories.

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