Problems with Saving canvas a PDF with minus symbols

Dear experts, I am observing a problem very similar to the one reported before in 2015 but I guess it is not the same as that was fixed 8 years ago… I am using ROOT 6.26/11 and I get the problem in the PDF, for example using this code:

   TH2 *f = new TH2F("test","test",1,-2.4,0,1,0,1);

The PNG appears ok, but the PDF shows all “minus” symbols misplaced in the X axis.

I also get the problem in lxplus8 (and its native root 6.28/06) and lxplus7 (6.24/08). Is there any version that does not suffer the problem?

Welcome to the ROOT forum.

Do you have a link to this old report ?

with the most recent version of ROOT they look the same (pdf on left).

The forum did not allow me to post here… which is the last version of ROOT? Can I access it from lxplus?
If you have access to the MM group, I posted the link to the old topic there…

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