Problems with ROOT installation

Hi, I’m installing the latest version of ROOT, but I’ve problem with the last step of the installation.
I’m doing the fixing location installation, following the README file rules. The building phase goes well, anyay the installation part goes badly giving me the following error:

`CMake Error at rootx/cmake_install.cmake:50 (file):
file RPATH_CHANGE given FILE “/usr/local/bin/root” that does not exist.
Call Stack (most recent call first):
cmake_install.cmake:162 (include)

make: *** [Makefile:129: install] Error 1`

I don’t understand why it give me the error since there is the root directory in the given path. I’ve try to re-begin the building and installation process three times from now (deleting everything and downloading everytime newly), and it gives me the same problem every time.
Note: this is the second time I’ve installed root, the first time with another computer it didn’t give me any problems of the sort.

Hi @lorenzo_paparella,
thanks for reaching out!
Building ROOT from source may be non-trivial, you may want to confider easier alternatives (e.g. using a package manager).
If you still want to install ROOT from source, can you please specify which platform you’re using and the make command you have run?


Hi Monica, i’m using wsl (with the ubuntu 20.04LTS shell, and Windows 11). The make commands are the one indicated inside the README->INSTALL:

cmake ../root -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX='usr/local' -Dgnuinstall=ON
cmake --build . 
cmake --build . --target install

as I said the building phase goes well, but it stops in the installation part.

Maybe this link can help you out

You don’t need to compile ROOT for WSL (if that is your only reason for compiling). If you are running Ubuntu on WSL, just get the precompiled ROOT for your version of Ubuntu (but still, install the prerequisites).

thanks, i read and install those libraries but it didn’t help :frowning:

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