Problems with ProfileLL in root5.26e_python2.6


I’m using the profile likelihood ratio (via profileLL) to get some CL.
The model includes the signal, the background and some nuisance parameters
with gaussian distribution.

The code compiles and runs smoothly on root 5.28.00, while on root 5.26.00e_python2.6, it compiles
but when running i get the following error:

[#0] ERROR:Integration – RooNumIntFactory::createIntegrator: No integration method has been defined for an open ended 2-dimensional integral
[#0] ERROR:Integration – RooRealIntegral::nuilumi_Int[lumi,lumimean,lumisigma]: failed to create valid integrator.
[#0] ERROR:Integration – RooRealIntegral::nuilumi_Int[lumi,lumimean,lumisigma]:evaluate: cannot initialize numerical integrator
[#0] ERROR:Eval – RooAbsReal::logEvalError(nuilumi) evaluation error,
origin : RooGaussian::nuilumi[ x=lumi mean=lumimean sigma=lumisigma ]
message : getLogVal() top-level p.d.f evaluates to zero or negative number
server values: x=lumi=1 +/- 1.19002, mean=lumimean=1.086, sigma=lumisigma=0.11

nuilumi is a gaussian defined like this:
RooGaussian nuilumi(“nuilumi”, “prior for lumi”, lumi, lumimean, lumisigma);

lumi, lumimean and lumisigma are the following:

RooRealVar lumi(“lumi”,“luminosity uncertainty factor”, 1 ,0.,3.0) ;
RooRealVar lumimean(“lumimean”, “mean of lumi”, 1) ;
RooRealVar lumisigma(“lumisigma”, “sigma of lumi”, 0.11) ;

(The same error aplies for two other gaussian terms. )

Any help on this?
(please let me know if further details are needed)

Thanks a lot in advance,

I’m having the same problem.
Were you able to solve it ?
Can you please tell me how ?

Many thanks,

  • Mauro.