Problems with library

Hi all,

I have ROOT Version 5.16 on my private notebook. I try to running an Analysis- Framework (FrFW from Freiburg) which requires 5.16.
I have to include the library “libFrFw” into ROOT (with gSystem->Load(“libFrFW”)

But, I get the following output:

dlopen error: /home/volbeat/root-5.16.00/root/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZN3TTF8fgGlyphsE
Load Error: Failed to load Dynamic link library /home/volbeat/root-5.16.00/root/lib/
Error in TCint::AutoLoad: failure loading library for class TGX11TTF
Could not determine terminal capabilities!

  1. What about the libGX11TTF?
  2. I have the impression that not all ROOT libraries stored on my notebook.
    How can I find out which are missing?
    Is there any specification I have to do (for Ubuntu)?


fgGlyphs is a TTGlyph which is defined in graf2d/graf/inc/TTF.h. TTF should be in libGraf. Was it installed properly ?


thanks for answer!
It would seem I have to load the library “” before I can load the other one…